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Welcome to the Skull Gallery


Content Warning: skeleton images. Additionally, certain species, such as the badger, have intricate conchae (thin, structural bone in the nose) which may be triggering for those with trypophobia.

This is a collection of reference images taken of my personal bone collection and intended to help artists and modelers find accurate images of skulls from multiple angles. All the featured skulls are real and were either found outside or purchased from vultures (aka, people who clean skulls) who work from roadkill or specimens donated from zoos and wildlife sanctuaries after they've passed. 

You are welcome to use these photos however you'd like (minus claiming credit for the photos themselves—that becomes theft). 

Some photos are clearer than others. If you want to request a different photo or angle, or would like to contribute reference photos, feel free to reach out via the contact form below! Likewise, if you want to share work you've done using these photos, I'd love to see and potentially share (if you'd like). Any work of photos contributed by another artist will be credited.  

Click the names/images to view their respective galleries.

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