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Hi folks,

I'll be tabling at Spooky Empire in Tampa from Oct 31-Nov 3. I'll be selling prints, stickers, bookmarks, original artwork, as well as a few copies of my illustration thesis book, Panophobia. I'll also be taking a few commissions. I'm very excited and hope to see you there!


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CORONA UPDATE-Upcoming Conventions (2020)

Edit: Due to the COVID-19, all convention dates have been postponed, aside from Tampa Bay ComicCon which I think is still in "Wait and see" mode. New schedule: Tampa Bay ComicCon (July 10-12) Spooky

Etsy Shop Up and Running!

Happy spooky month! I'm pleased to say that I opened up an Etsy shop with prints, stickers, and bookmarks! Stock is limited at the moment since I'm bringing most of my inventory to Spooky Empire Oct 3


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