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Panophobia: A Visual Examination of Fear is a portfolio of my illustration thesis in book form. The term "panophobia” describes a general sense of fear and dread with no clear source. This collection of work does not focus on illustrating specific phobias, but instead depicts how it feels to be afraid, physically and mentally, through animal subjects. A combination of short text and visual metaphor, Panophobia seeks to understand the different ways we can experience fear. 


Messages from the Menagerie is available for purchase on Amazon 

(link here). 

"This is a menagerie of heartwarming, funny and tragic animals that teach what we need to know about love, loss, death and how to live on this earth in community and compassion. The main character in the book is a fawn, Taiji. Taiji represents our connection to the single Source and infinite potential, the oneness before duality. Illustrated by Madison Brake and written to capture a young mind, Messages from the Menagerie reminds us to breathe deeply, smile, and walk softly on the earth knowing that we are part of the Divine creative consciousness.  A discussion and exercise section at the end of chapters enhances the reader experience."



How Steven the Bear Invented S'mores is available for purchase here. Use the code "madbrake" for 25% off shipping. 

"Join Steven the Bear and his friends the Bear Bunch on their first outdoor adventure of camping and fun! Plus, find out how Steven the Bear accidentally invented S'mores!"



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